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News Release | Environment Connecticut

Connecticut Charging Ahead toward Electric Cars

On May 29, Connecticut and 7 other states unveiled a plan to put over 3 million electric cars on the road within 12 years.

News Release | Environment Connecticut Research and Policy Center

Fracking Creates Enough Waste to Flood Hartford in 77-Foot Deep Toxic Lagoon

HARTFORD — As the dirty drilling technique known as “fracking” approaches Connecticut’s borders, a new Environment Connecticut Research and Policy Center report finds that, in 2012 alone, fracking operations generated enough wastewater to flood Hartford in a toxic lagoon more than 77 feet deep.

The report, entitled “Fracking by the Numbers,” gives new urgency to mounting calls for a ban on fracking waste in Connecticut. It is the first study of its kind to measure the footprint of fracking damage to date, including toxic wastewater, water use, chemical use, air pollution, land damage, and global warming emissions.

News Release | Environment Connecticut Research and Policy Center

Power Plants Remain America's Largest Source of Global Warming Pollution

As the one year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy approaches, a new report released by Environment Connecticut Research & Policy Center highlights the largest contributors to global warming pollution – power plants.

News Release

Obama Administration Finalizes Historic Clean Car Standards

Hartford, CT—Today the Obama administration finalized new clean car standards that will double the fuel efficiency of today’s vehicles by 2025, drastically reducing emissions of carbon pollution and cutting oil use in Connecticut and nationwide.  The standards will cover new cars and light trucks in model years 2017-2025, and require those vehicles to meet the equivalent of a 54.5 miles-per-gallon standard by 2025.  A recent joint analysis by the Natural Resources Defense Council and Union of Concerned Scientists projects that by 2030 in Connecticut alone, the standards will cut carbon pollution from vehicles by nearly 2.8 million metric tons—the equivalent of the annual pollution of roughly 424,000 of today’s vehicles—and save more than 235 million gallons of fuel.

News Release | Environment Connecticut Research & Policy Center

As Emissions in Northeast States Decline, Economic Growth Outpaces Nation

A new report by Environment Connecticut Research & Policy Center released today in front of the solar array atop Middletown-based Center Point Office Park, highlights the role that clean energy and environmental policies have played in moving states toward meeting targets for reducing global warming emissions, while challenging claims that actions that reduce emissions undermine economic growth.